Walk So They May Ride Walkathon Event to Benefit Pawling Resource Center

Posted on Aug 26, 2015

Announcing the 8th Annual Walkathon

“Walk So They May Ride”2015

to benefit the Pawling Resource Center    

Pawling, NY – The Pawling Resource Center has been an essential part of life for many community members since 1976, as it provides vital support services much needed in Pawling. The Walk So They May Ride walkathon is one of its most important fundraisers. Have a heart and join us so that “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” includes you, either as a volunteer walker or as a sponsor.

This year  the event will take place on:   Saturday, September 19 at 10:00 am  

The walk begins at the Pawling Resource Center and continues through the village, as sponsored volunteer participants raise awareness for the 501 (C) registered    not-for-profit charity, and provide financial support from pledged donations. Walkers, and the people who underwrite their personal sponsorships, directly impact the many services offered by the Pawling Resource Center. They will…

  • Walk, so our neighbors may continue to ride to medical appointments and the grocery store. In 2014, our volunteer drivers provided 669 rides to medical appointments.
  •  Walk so our neighbors may have access to a well stocked food pantry.  In 2014, our food pantry provided food for 2,736 individuals.
  •  Walk so our neighbors may borrow medical equipment. In 2014 we loaned out 198 pieces of medical equipment
  •  Walk so our neighbors may continue to have access to many other programs, such as blood pressure screening, grief counseling, holiday baskets, and more.

We encourage all to be part of a wonderful event that is so important to the success of the Pawling Resource Center. The event will take place rain or shine, so plan to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing and shoes. There will be a barbeque with refreshments on the lawn of the Resource Center following the event, and tours of the Center.

For more information or to register for the event, or to learn how you can volunteer or sponsor a walker, please call Program Coordinator Terry Ariano at the Pawling Resource Center at 855-3459, or email terry@pawlingresourcecenter.org

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