A Special Note to Volunteers and Donors

Posted on Feb 14, 2014

Dear Pawling Resource Center Volunteers and Donors,

We are deeply grateful to you and thank you for your compassionate service. The Pawling Resource Center is a small not-for-profit charity organization, which has for many years relied on community members, such as you, to be willing to extend a helping hand to neighbors.

That’s why we share some important news about the future operation of the organization.

As you know, for some years now, we have tried to operate the PRC with a full-time paid Executive Director, with the hope that we could grow, expand our services and flourish. When we were not able to realize those expectations, we had higher expenses with no significant increase in revenue. A full time executive director proved to be unaffordable for a small organization, such as ours. Our foremost mission is to provide charitable services to our community, and we have an obligation to our clients, supporters, donors and volunteers, like you, to operate as efficiently, effectively and financially responsible as possible.

Consequently, just recently, the board of directors took the difficult, but necessary, step to revert to our previous model to be a volunteer based organization. Our income and budget simply no longer supported the cost of employment of a full time director. The hard reality was that we had to eliminate Patty Moore’s position, an action that nobody liked to take. Patty was well respected by all, and the organization took great care to treat her respectfully and generously throughout the process.

To balance our budget and operate at the most efficient income-to-service ratio, the PRC is now operating as we had done for many years before…lean, efficient and productive through community volunteerism.

That means we increasingly rely on people from the community willing to help our less fortunate neighbors. We are confident that with stronger financial footing, with the ongoing support of our friends and supporters in the community, and with a renewed sense of purpose, we are poised for long term success.

With best regards,

The Reverend Jon M. Ellingworth, Board Chairman