The Pawling Resource Center starts 2014 with a renewed sense of purpose, and a need for new volunteers

Posted on Feb 9, 2014

It’s been a cold winter. Too much snow. Too many traffic problems trying to get to work.

This season is especially difficult for the needy. Even though the holiday season has passed, the winter places great burdens on people having to deal with home heating bills. Some folks who work in seasonal industries are finding that the harsh winter has reduced their work schedules.

The Pawling Resource Center is also facing the consequences. The bad weather has kept some volunteer drivers from wanting to drive. Yet, demand for rides to medical appointments continues to be high. We are therefore in need to new volunteer drivers and our needs don’t end there.

We now need more volunteers to come help staff the office, to help us communicate with the public and generally to pitch in. One reason is that we are short-staffed as the Pawling Resource Center had to revert to being a volunteer based organization. Our income and budget simply no longer supported the employment of a full time director. In order to balance our budget and operate at the most efficient income to service balance, the PRC is now operating as we had done for many years before…lean, efficient and productive through community volunteerism. That means we increasingly rely on people from the community willing to help neighbors.

Please pitch in. We need your help.

PRC Charity Flyer 2